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The Lady on
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My Journey to Becoming a Train Engineer

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Fostering Curiosity and Igniting Young Minds in the Fascinating World of Railroading

Railroad People Inc. is dedicated to enlightening children about the exciting world of railroading. Our mission is to educate young minds about railroad history, the wonderful people who keep trains moving, and the unfortunate dangers of trespassing on the tracks. We believe that by fostering curiosity and knowledge, we can inspire children of all ages to appreciate the fascinating world of railroading.

At Railroad People Inc., our founder, Joyce Robinson, leads the charge in fulfilling our mission. Joyce is a trailblazer and the first black woman train engineer in Harrisburg, PA [1]. With her extensive experience and passion for railroading, Joyce established Railroad People Inc. in 2001 to share her expertise and ignite the imagination of young minds.

Joyce Robinson
Retired Locomotive Engineer/Author RR People at Railroad People Inc

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“My readers describe my books as captivating, insightful, and truly enriching.”


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