Train Safety

Railroad People Incorporation is passionately committed to spreading awareness about the dangers of railroad trespassing to people of all ages.

Our educational methods are carefully crafted to suit different age groups. For the youngest learners, from Kindergarten to 2nd Grade, we focus on teaching “7 Safety Tips for Children to Live By,” using colorful and engaging illustrations to highlight what behaviors to avoid.

As we address the 3rd to 5th Grade groups, we introduce an interactive and dynamic conversation about Railroad Safety, complemented by an attention-grabbing video presentation that emphasizes the critical importance of following safety rules.

For students in 6th to 12th Grade, we offer a Railroad Safety program that is finely adjusted to their particular age and maturity levels, employing video materials that stress the lifelong value of maintaining strict safety habits.

Our dedication also reaches adults, providing tailored programs for professional groups such as bus drivers and firefighters, as well as any adult interested in deepening their understanding of railroad safety.

The Evolution of Locomotives

Trace the captivating progression of train engines from the early steam-powered giants to the modern marvels of electric and diesel-electric propulsion. Witness the grandeur of the world’s most massive engines and the swiftness of America’s speediest trains. Discover the wonders of high-speed bullet trains, including China’s Shanghai Maglev. This extraordinary train operates routinely at 267 mph and can surge to speeds of 311 mph. It’s celebrated as the first commercial high-speed magnetic levitation train, floating effortlessly above the tracks.

Explore Railroad People

Dive into the lives of the dedicated individuals who ensure the railway system operates smoothly. These roles include the brakeman, conductor, fireman, engineer, and many others who work in passenger and freight transport. From signalmen to mechanics, and from boiler makers to maintenance crews, each person plays a vital part in the railway’s operation.

Innovators Who Enhanced Railroad Safety

A handful of pioneers have been instrumental in advancing train safety:

  1. George Westinghouse innovated the air brake, significantly enhancing train safety in the late 1800s.
  2. Granville Woods, an African-American inventor, developed the Synchronous Multiplex Railway Telegraph, improving train-station communication.
  3. Eli Janney introduced the automatic knuckle coupler, transforming railcar connections to be safer and more reliable.
  4. Earl J. Ragsdale created the FRED, a safety device that uses a flashing red light to increase a train’s visibility from behind.
  5. Herbert Hoover, before his presidency, contributed to mining safety, indirectly benefiting rail industry safety.

These innovators, among others, have significantly enhanced railway safety with their inventions and dedication to safety protocols, saving innumerable lives.

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