Railroad People Inc.

Fostering Curiosity and Igniting Young Minds in the Fascinating World of Railroading

Railroad People Inc. is dedicated to enlightening children about the exciting world of railroading. Our mission is to educate young minds about railroad history, the wonderful people who keep trains moving, and the unfortunate dangers of trespassing on the tracks. We believe that by fostering curiosity and knowledge, we can inspire children of all ages to appreciate the fascinating world of railroading.

At Railroad People Inc., our founder, Joyce Robinson, leads the charge in fulfilling our mission. Joyce is a trailblazer and the first black woman train engineer in Harrisburg, PA [1]. With her extensive experience and passion for railroading, Joyce established Railroad People Inc. in 2001 to share her expertise and ignite the imagination of young minds.

Joyce Robinson’s vision is brought to life through our educational program, “All Aboard with Trailblazer Engineer Joy.” This program is designed to engage children and challenge their young minds with the captivating world of railroading. Through interactive sessions, children learn about the history, operations, and safety aspects of railroads in a fun and engaging manner.

In addition to the educational program, we offer a range of children’s books authored by Joyce Robinson. “Railroad People” and the “Railroad People Activity and Coloring Book” are just a few examples of our publications that take children on a journey through the world of railroading. These books not only entertain but also educate, instilling a love for railroading and promoting safety awareness.

Railroad People Inc. is committed to providing resources and fostering a safe environment for children. Through our store, you can purchase Joyce Robinson’s books and other related materials, allowing children to continue their exploration of railroading at home.

Join us at Railroad People Inc. as we empower children, inspire their curiosity, and cultivate a deep appreciation for the captivating world of railroading. Together, we can shape the minds of the next generation and promote a safer future around railroad tracks.

The Evolution of Locomotives

Trace the captivating progression of train engines from the early steam-powered giants to the modern marvels of electric and diesel-electric propulsion. Witness the grandeur of the world’s most massive engines and the swiftness of America’s speediest trains. Discover the wonders of high-speed bullet trains, including China’s Shanghai Maglev. This extraordinary train operates routinely at 267 mph and can surge to speeds of 311 mph. It’s celebrated as the first commercial high-speed magnetic levitation train, floating effortlessly above the tracks.

Explore Railroad People

Dive into the lives of the dedicated individuals who ensure the railway system operates smoothly. These roles include the brakeman, conductor, fireman, engineer, and many others who work in passenger and freight transport. From signalmen to mechanics, and from boiler makers to maintenance crews, each person plays a vital part in the railway’s operation.

Innovators Who Enhanced Railroad Safety

A handful of pioneers have been instrumental in advancing train safety:

  1. George Westinghouse innovated the air brake, significantly enhancing train safety in the late 1800s.
  2. Granville Woods, an African-American inventor, developed the Synchronous Multiplex Railway Telegraph, improving train-station communication.
  3. Eli Janney introduced the automatic knuckle coupler, transforming railcar connections to be safer and more reliable.
  4. Earl J. Ragsdale created the FRED, a safety device that uses a flashing red light to increase a train’s visibility from behind.
  5. Herbert Hoover, before his presidency, contributed to mining safety, indirectly benefiting rail industry safety.

These innovators, among others, have significantly enhanced railway safety with their inventions and dedication to safety protocols, saving innumerable lives.

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