RAILROAD PEOPLE ( Ebook & Paperback)



Climb aboard and join Engineer Lynn and Conductor John on an exciting railroad adventure in “Railroad People!” Journey with them through captivating landscapes as they encounter other fascinating railroad people including the Trainmaster and Dispatcher.

In this engaging children’s book, young readers will be enthralled by the thrilling journey as Engineer Lynn operates the train, ensuring it runs smoothly and safely. Conductor John, responsible for the freight train’s cargo and paperwork, plays a vital role in overseeing the transportation of goods.

With vibrant illustrations and an immersive narrative, “Railroad People” sparks curiosity, and imagination, and promotes a culture of safety. Join this remarkable adventure where learning, exploration, and safety come together in perfect harmony.

“Railroad People” is a must-read for young explorers, encouraging a love for trains while instilling essential safety awareness. Climb aboard and embark on a journey filled with wonder and excitement alongside Engineer Lynn, Conductor John, and their extraordinary encounters!


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